Direct distributor of MILOO Lighting products

Direct distributor of MAX LED products

Main commercial centre in Poland

Official sales representative for: 
Europe, Africa and South America

We are an international company specialising in lighting solutions, and offering LED MILOO products for the European, African and South American markets.

Our years of experience and significant design resources let us quickly adapt our LED lighting offer to the needs of each customer. We offer the best manufacturer's prices, quick estimates, and full logistical support.

Our staff can supply professional advice at every stage of the process.

We offer the highest quality LED lighting, primarily from MILOO Lighting, as well as MAX LED Lighting Technologies, which fully complies with environmental norms. Our guiding aim is to supply comprehensive lighting solutions adapted to the needs of users, based on the latest LED lighting technological solutions.

We manufacture personalised, technologically advanced LED products or series of products in our production plant located in Poland. The guaranteed energy savings obtained by using our products exceeds 60%.

As one of very few manufacturers in the lighting industry, we offer a 5-year guarantee on MILOO Lighting products for EU countries.

We collaborate with academic institutions and carry out constant research to optimize our use of light sources. Thanks to this, we create innovative products with unusually high energy savings and increasingly effective lighting coverage.

We also offer Polish-made lighting fixtures of the highest international standards in terms of lighting, housings, power sources and so on. Our lighting fixtures are fitted with special protective systems, and have been designed to withstand difficult weather conditions. Both the light sources and other components used in our lighting fixtures are 100% replaceable. Even after many years of use, our lights will always be upgrade compatible. And when our lights' useful life is finished, they can be completely recycled.

Cooperation with our company is not limited to the sales of lighting fixtures. We also assist in finding the best form of financing for investment in modern, energy-saving lighting. We can also solve the problem of dismantling the old lighting system and replacing it with a new system. 

If one of the descriptions below matches you, please have a look at our offer:

  • Companies designing street  and commercial building lighting,
  • Contractors,
  • Retailers,
  • Investors planning to build new commercial and warehouse spaces,
  • Local governments and authorities interested in making substantial savings in current expenditures,

We offer full technical support, and guarantee competitive prices and deliveries of high quality products.

Don't hesitate to contact us.