Street Lighting LED

High-power LED street lamps for outdoor use


  • Illumination for streets, walkways, squares, parks
  • Illumination of industrial areas
  • Illumination of car parks, premises and approaches

More information...

EvooLED lamps are designed based on the latest technology available. In many places, the standard characteristics indicated for LED lamps do not apply to our LED lamps, as these are typical characteristics of LEDs based on the single LED luminaries.

We are using a light source based on Chip on Board technology which is mounted between 20 and 50 LED Bridgelux High Power LED on a single panel, depending on the power of the lamp. As a result, the light generated by them could be precisely targeted using a variety of lenses. Depending on your destination, we offer beam created for roads, tunnels or parkings. In terms of color temperature, we offer a full range of options from warm white (3000K) and neutral (4500K), the color of sunlight (6000K) to very cold (10000K).

Lamp housing is made of solid block of aluminum subjected to mechanical treatment and anodized. Unlike other products on the market made from cast aluminum housing, our lamps do not contain additives necessary to reduce the durability of the casting process which are reducing the thermal conductivity. In addition, the use of anodes in place of the powder coating significantly increases the lamp resistance to weathering, so we can offer 10 year warranty and high impact resistance IK10 level. Building our housing allows for easy replacement of not only the optical system and the power supply, but also the light source.